As of October 8, 2014, TalkTalk Games no longer provides downloadable games from our partner, Iplay, but we want you to continue to have access to the games you love.

Your account with TalkTalk Games, which you use to play and purchase PC download games, has been migrated to If you are a GameSaver member, your membership will continue uninterrupted at Iplay.

If you downloaded a game on TalkTalk Games before October 8 and decide to purchase it now, you will be redirected to to make the purchase.

I have unredeemed GameSaver tokens. Can I use them at Iplay?

If you have an active GameSaver subscription with TalkTalk Games , your membership will continue uninterrupted at Iplay. Any unredeemed tokens prior to the move from TalkTalk Games to Iplay will still be available to you in your Iplay account. You can continue to redeem tokens and purchase additional games at Iplay as you did at TalkTalk Games.

You can access your available tokens and membership information in the GameSaver section of My Account.


How can I access my TalkTalk Games account at Iplay?

To access your TalkTalk Games account at Iplay as of October 8, visit and sign in as a Returning User with the same email address and password you used for PC download games at TalkTalk Games.

You will find the games you've played, activation keys and purchase history in the My Account section, which you can access from the upper right corner of the site under your name.

Can I play the same games at Iplay that I do at TalkTalk Games?

Iplay offers the same selection of hidden object, time management, match-3, strategy, SIM and more popular download games as TalkTalk Games.

Questions? Click here to contact Iplay customer support.

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